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duncan o'bryan

Duncan O' Bryan Cinemagrapher - Kismet Artists

Over the course of his career, Duncan O’Bryan has worn many hats; his favorite by far was a grey Stetson cattleman found while scouting an abandoned barn.

He’s also had the fortune to carry projects along while filling a variety of job descriptions. As a third generation filmmaker, Duncan’s literal lifetime of experience and well rounded skillset ensure no stone is left unturned while prepping a project.

Duncan is always seeking deeper insight into the human psyche – understanding how visual cues impact the viewer, direct their attention, and steer them towards the intended creative goals. On set, he holds himself to the highest standards, both technically and interpersonally; dedicating everything he has towards telling the best version of the story at hand and prides himself in working with utmost efficiency, innovation, and collaborative spirit.

Duncan is an award winning screenwriter and a member of the American Society of Cinematographers’ vision mentorship program.

PRESS: British Cinematographer