Kismet Artists

David Lawless


uch like his enigmatic Irish homeland, David’s modern aesthetic is melded with a heritage of storytelling; a superposition of style that draws viewers in with evocative imagery, deft emotion, and powerful narrative. Born in Paris and raised in Dublin, David’s first directing project – a Super-8 music video shot while still at high-school – aired extensively on MTv. Graduating the National Film School of Ireland with Distinction, he moved to London and spent several years editing commercials while developing his style through photography, fine art,  and directing broadcast investigative documentaries and a feature documentary.

David left the grit of London and Dublin made his way to California where he established himself as a director with wit, elegance, and visual charm. He has won many awards for his work, including a Kodak award and a Guinness World Record.

His style blends the immediacy and honesty of non-narrative with the boundless possibilities of cinematic craft. His approach is characterized by a flair for kinetic movement, finding beauty and depth through indirect and unexpected jumping-off points. His work, whether abstract or forthright, is always imbued with depth, emotion, curiosity, and excitement